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"How do you feel about fender bassman for guitar? Enough for doom?"

Asked by Anonymous

yes / maybe

"I have a VH-140C halfstack for sale if anon is anywhere near New Jersey"

Asked by crusherdestroyer

Good to know.

"I've had this line 6 stack for basically all of my life now and in sick to death of its sound. I'm trying to go for a mix celtic frost (monotheist), hardcore power violence, and some doomy sounding parts here and there. What sort of direction in a completely new rig should I be looking at?"

Asked by Anonymous

You could score a used Ampeg VH140C for probably not too much money. Very well-regarded for metal and its high-gain offshoots.

"Know anyone that might be interested in an Emperor 612? I'm in Virginia and thinking of letting mine go."

Asked by shakotangrandpa

Lots of people probably

"Just bought a fender super 112, a combo from the 90's. I'm pretty sure te tubes are around 20 years old. Time to replace them right?"

Asked by Anonymous

If they sound okay you can roll with them for a while. But if you wanna buy a new set for when you finally need to, it can’t hurt.

"What's up, I've had a shitty line 6 modelling amp for ever and was thinking about getting a head and cabinet, is there anything I should know before buying loads of expensive equipment? Looking for something with dat phat low-end."

Asked by Anonymous

What kind of tone you lookin for homie? What sort of music, what size cab, guitar or bass, etc. HELP ME HELP YOU.



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"AFAIK Dwarvenauts are designed to not rely on pedals and do most of the work on their own. Reacts to boost well and have been made (on occasion) with FAC and all kinds of neat gain/power sections. Sovtek is old school and aren't designed with the doom crowd in mind, so they take a little prodding to get there. Not to mention their reputation for breaking down."

Asked by 420lbsound

Yeah I wouldn’t necessarily fuck with a Mig 50 or 60 for doom, but under the right circumstances for garage/punk/hardcore you could get pretty far with some hot pickups and a heavy-handed playing style.

"Is it worth dishing out the the extra money for a Bassman over a Mig 50/60? I know they're similar circuits, but what would really be the benefits of putting out an extra $100-200 towards a Bassman?"

Asked by vegalentine

I’ve always been (perhaps irrationally) partial to Sovteks anyway, so I can’t really say. I would guess one upside might be that the average amp tech may be more familiar with the inner workings of a Fender head than some kooky out-of-production Russian joint, but that’s just conjecture.

"Ampeg B25 or Traynor YBA1?"

Asked by Anonymous


"How do you feel about amp modeling software for recording bass, along the lines of AmpliTube, in comparison to D.I recording, or actual mic'ing of an amp? Any experience with them, either personal or through others?"

Asked by momentsiam

I only use it in tandem with a mic’d up bass amp; I never rely on it solely. It can sound cool for sure, but to me there’s something more compelling about making records by physically moving air with loud amps.

"right, so, first of all: best fucking blog I've ever read. TOTALLY NOT EXAGGERATING. Now, to the nitty-gritty: I'm relatively new to amps, but I'm looking to buy my third one, so the question is should I get a sovtek mig 50 or hovercraft dwarvenaut 20? I need something dynamic enough to go from studio to stage and will pair up well with a marshall 1960a with greenbacks. I'm mostly playing a lot of garage rock, punk, hardcore type of stuff, with no pedals if possible. thanks in advance!"

Asked by dasn00b

Thank you. I wouldn’t have imagined my extremely limited knowledge of this stuff as being desirable to anyone, but I’m still getting new followers daily and that’s pretty cool for a blog I made on a whim.

For what it’s worth I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a Hovercraft in a live setting; I imagine lack of headroom would be more of an issue with one of those over a Mig 50. But not sure how either would fare with no pedals at all. When I had a Mig 60 I had to use at least a clean boost to really break it up the way I wanted for more aggressive music.

I’d go Sovtek personally.

"Have you ever tried the new Hiwatt amps with a modern high gain channel?"

Asked by j4cknife

No…cautiously curious, but that’s not likely why I’d be interested in a Hiwatt.




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"I bought a Peavey 5150 I I for about 350$ recently. Great condition, sounds great. It's got Fender tubes in it though, and I was wondering if I should look into changing the tubes or not."

Asked by Anonymous

Wow, great deal.

If it sounds great as is, there’s really no impetus to retube it IMO. If they’re old and will need to be changed soon anyway though, that might provide a sufficient excuse.